Choosing a Reset over a Whole30

Hello lovely! It’s been too long. I’m not sure I can fully explain why I haven’t done a full blog post in awhile, but mostly, every time I tried to write one, I was unsure of what to say or how to say it. I feel like I’ve been struggling with my voice a bit and the message I was hoping to convey, and really just felt a little writer blocked! I guess it happens. But I’ve decide to just be myself and stop self-editing so much and just go for it, and talk about what I’ve been struggling with lately. And here it is.

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Focusing on Fighting Inflammation

This post has been a long time coming, and I’ve put it off. I found myself, after my January Whole30, in a transition period. How do I want to eat moving forward? How do I take what I’ve learned and make it work for me? And, when hit with another injury, how do I work around that? I felt like I really didn’t have anything to say because I was so unsure about so many things. But then it hit me – we’ve all been there. And maybe me sharing this little struggle might hit home for someone else. So I pulled myself off the proverbial blog bench and got to it.

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Whole30 and Being Sick: A Survival Guide

Last week, I was riding the Whole30 train hard. I hit the sleepy days and survived, the cravings subsided, I could look at chocolate without shuddering, my meal prepping was on point, and I felt like I was on top of the world.

And then I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to swallow, swollen glands and feeling like death, after a couple of weeks of minor sinus infection symptoms I was trying to self-treat.

It had happened. Everyone’s worst Whole30 nightmare. I was sick. I was faced with a decision: do I stick with my Whole30 or do I reschedule this round?

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My Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping Spree!


Or, alternatively titled, The Whole30 Grocery Shopping Survival Guide!

Good afternoon, friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I spent the day yesterday baking some cupcakes for New Year’s Eve (check out my Instagram!), working out (last Crossfit workout of 2016 – so pumped to keep it going in 2017!) and spending the night with some of my best friends ringing in 2017 (nothing better than being surrounded by people you love to ring in the New Year)!

Now it’s officially 2017, and I’m ready to round up all my thoughts on Whole30 grocery shopping after a truly epic Trader Joe’s run on Friday. I’m so excited to get this round started tomorrow!

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Oh, hey there.


dscf7853Hi! I’m Kelly. Nice to meet you. I love books, Harry Potter, hiking, animals (especially my dog), and I just started Crossfit, which I’m loving so far. And obviously, clean eating. I’m a fan of Whole30 (completed a full round in March 2016 and will be starting another one in January) and have gotten really into learning about nutrition and wellness these past couple years (it’s become a bit of a hobby).

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