It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No, not Christmas – January Whole30 prep! (If you’re new to Whole30 and curious about it, read about it here!)

That’s right, it’s coming, like winter. But seriously.

This week I’m gearing up to prep for my second full round of Whole30. My first steps have been…

  • Cleaning out the kitchen. And the pantry. And the fridge. If you’re anything like me, the holidays have meant an absolute deluge of unhealthy treats making their way into the house. Not that I’m anti-treating yourself for the holidays (read: once a year super decadent hot chocolate I make for my family for Christmas morning), but there’s a time and a place for it. And all that stuff has no place in my kitchen now. So I’ll bring some to work, toss some, etc. Let me speak from experience (and I’ll do a full other post on my previous Whole30 experience): those 30 days can be tough. And having non-compliant non-clean foods out of reach is so key to your success.
  • I just got my shipment from Thrive Market with all my favorite necessary Whole30 survival items: Primal Kitchen Mayo, coconut aminos, plaintain chips, and new Primal Kitchen Ranch. I haven’t tried it yet and I’m psyched to taste!
  • Also, if you don’t know what Thrive Market is, I’m a big fan. I live 30 minutes from the closest Whole Foods so I’ve found that Thrive Market is a great resource when I need some essentials but don’t have time to run up there. You pay $60/year to receive discounts on a ton of different clean foods and products. They also sponsor free memberships to low-income families for every new membership. If you’re interested in joining, click here.
  • Organizing my pantry so that those staple items are front and center. What I’ve already got on hand that I love is Tessemae’s products, especially the buffalo sauce. Seriously, it is life. (Note: Tessemae’s has a great Whole30 pack – check it out!)

Next up, I’m going to choose some new recipes to cook up this weekend! On the next episode of KJEC… stay tuned.

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