Turning to Functional Medicine: Part 1

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’m not the only one who has been frustrated by conventional medicine. More often than not, my meetings with conventional practitioners are extremely brief and it’s clear most of them don’t remember much about me. I talk about what issues I’m having and how I feel like they may be related, and before I know it, they’re gone. After years of this pattern, and feeling my wellness continue to decline, I lost my patience.

That’s why I began to look for another answer. And I started reading about functional medicine and decided to give it a try and document my experience in case anyone out there is considering this option as well. 

Functional medicine, in (very) short, is the branch of medicine that focuses on treating the whole picture as opposed to one symptom. This really appealed to me, as ever since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I’ve had a lot of seemingly unrelated symptoms that have run my life: chronic joint paint and injuries, migraines, constant sinus and respiratory infections, fatigue, brain fog, the list goes on.

My frustration has been growing as these problems continued to interrupt my life and none of my doctors had an answer. Then, I read about functional medicine, and I began my search for a practitioner and I found someone in my area.

My first appointment took a lot of preparation, and included filling out the most detailed questionnaire I’ve ever seen. But all that work seemed to pay off, because when I sat down with my doctor, she actually knew all about me and asked pointed questions, and seemed to really get the issues I’d been having. She took detailed notes. I already felt miles ahead of where I was with other practitioners. Although it’s too soon to make the call as to whether trying out the functional medicine route was worth it, I felt a supreme appreciation that I got to meet with a doctor who was prepared, knew details about me, and spent more than an hour talking to me.

The next step is to complete about a million tests (scientific approximation) so that my doctor can get the full picture as to what’s going on in my body. And that’s where I’m at now – next week, I go back for my second appointment to get my test results and find out what the game plan is to getting me on track to actually feeling well again. I’m nervous about what I may find out, and excited to possibly have a solution, and nervous all over again that all this may not result in any real change and maybe nothing will come of it and I’ll continue to feel crappy with no explanation. But no matter what, it’s worth it to know one way or the other what may or may not be going on and finally sit down with a doctor who at least appears to be dedicated to figuring it all out.

Fingers crossed!

Next week I’ll follow up after the big second appointment with what I find out and what I’ll be doing moving forward. Wish me luck!




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