20151010_151136Hi! I’m Kelly!

I love books, Harry Potter, hiking, animals (especially my dog), and I just started Crossfit, which I’m loving so far. And obviously, clean eating. I’m a fan of Whole30 (completed a full round in March 2016 and will be starting another one in January) and have gotten really into learning about nutrition and wellness these past couple years (it’s become a bit of a hobby).

I’m not a registered nutritionist or dietician or personal trainer. Nothing on my blog is ever meant to be medical advice, or anything like that. This isn’t weight loss blog or a recipe blog, because I’m just not qualified to do those things.

What this is, is me sharing my ongoing journey to wellness. I have no particular destination in mind that I hope to document – this is about my path and all the things I find along the way. Found an amazing new product at Whole Foods? Posting it. Reading a new book to help educate myself? Sharing it. Tried a new recipe that I’m loving? Boom. A new move I learned at the gym made me feel like a superhero? Going up. Pictures of the scale or scientific/medical advice? Negative. I just want to share neat stuff I find with you guys!

One thing I will share is this: I suffer from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Although my bi-yearly blood tests come back within normal ranges and my medication is regulated, I still suffer from symptoms (exhaustion, chronic injuries/inflammation, etc). Confused and frustrated, I did research and found out this was a common problem. I’ve been slowly educating myself and finding things that work for me, and that’s part of why I wanted to begin sharing these things. If I can post something that someone else will find and love, I’m all about that.

Goal: feel a little bit better every day.¬†And that’s basically what you’ll find here.